Yes that’s right free stopovers in your Campervan or Motorhome. Not much is free in life, but those Guys at Britstop have arranged for you to be able to stop overnight at hundreds of locations from country pubs to farm shops and even a family farm experience.

The stop pictured above was at a Devon pub where we were given a very warm welcome and partake of an excellent Sunday Lunch and good real ale, luckily afterwards we had a short walk to the camper for an after dinner snooze

There isn’t any obligation to purchase anything at the Britstop sites, but of course the owners hope that you will, that’s why they do it. But the fees you save from the campsite will go a long way to paying for a nice meal.

All you need to make use of these facilities is a current Britstop directory which acts as your membership card, but we do recommend booking in advance to check availability. All of Ocean Mists Campers have a current Britstop directory (listing all Britstops) so our customers can all take advantage of the facilities.

Happy Britstops

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