Holiday Cancellation

With our bookings you don’t need to worry about government advice not to book because of cancellations, because for 2021, if you are unable to go on holiday because it has to be cancelled due to government lockdowns caused by Covid 19 you can change the date of your holiday or if you prefer will give a full refund including the deposit.

Handover Videos

Before Covid 19 we used to give a full demonstration of the camper which consisted of spending about an hour inside the camper with our customers. As this is no longer possible we have produced a comprehensive handover video which I send out about a week before hire.The feedback for the video has so far been excellent.

Campervan Cleaning

Even before lockdown we had a policy of thoroughly cleaning the Campers before hire. But we have enhanced this. When the campers come in, we open doors and widows and give the camper a full blow through of air. After cleaning we do a full wipe down of all surfaces with antibacterial wipes, If the camper is going out shortly after coming in we replace all the cutlery crockery and pots and pans with fresh ones that have gone through the dishwasher.

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